3 Exercises Facial Muscles To Decrease Cheek

One of the most widely hated people from their faces is the shape and size of their cheeks. Having chubby cheeks make you look childish and far from attractive impression. Of course, you can try doing a weight-loss diet, but the problem is that many people are generally underweight but their cheeks look fat.
For them, the best thing is to do facial exercises to shrink the cheek. Doing these exercises can help to shrink the cheeks, improve skin elasticity and firmness so that faces appear firm and youthful.
Here are three exercises facial muscles to shrink cheek:
1. Close your lips tightly. Suck in your cheeks. Hold for two seconds and release. Another way to do this exercise is to suck one cheek at a time.
2. Close your mouth shut. You will feel your mouth is full of air. Hold down your upper lip for a few seconds and feel the stretching of the skin on your cheek. Move the air to your right cheek. Hold. Move the air to your left cheek. Hold. Move the air to your lower lip. Hold. Then blow air out. This should be done repeatedly. You can do 10 or even more if you like.
3. Close your lips tightly. Shrink your lips using your cheek muscles. Feel the skin to tighten. Hold your lips remain wrinkle for a few seconds and release.
As you can see, this is a very simple exercise that only takes a few minutes. But the result very good to turn down your cheeks, and I recommend you to do this exercise regularly.