ADATA Production of the World’s Thinnest Hard Drive

For some, size is not everything possible. But for the developers in the realm of technology, it seems big or small a product can actually determine everything. Opinions are clearly evident just how many high-tech items that are designed increasingly thinner than its predecessor.

It can be seen from the development of the world’s emerging-notebook rampant in today’s era. The developers are competing as if he were making a laptop or notebook with a very thin in size. Of course the business is related to the growing consumer demand require practical equipment to support highly mobile activities.

As more and more multimedia content are owned by each user’s computer or notebook, must make an external hard drive as one of the best selling computer accessories. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find an external hard drive products that combine stylish design with powerful performance.

Seeing an opportunity, the Taiwanese electronics vendors, ADATA, comes with a new offer to satisfy the desire of the consumer. The development team at the company managed to release the hard drive DashDrive Elite Series HE720. Through these products, ADATA offers an external hard drive with USB 3.0 is fast.

In addition to the advantages just mentioned, the company claims that DashDrive is the world’s thinnest hard disk. By simply having a thickness of 8.9 mm, it is not exaggerated claims.

ADATA equip DashDrive Elite HE720 with a stainless steel shell is more scratch resistant and stays solid when dropped or bumped. Behind the cool design, the series also provides easy one-button access to back (back-up) your digital files, as well as safety features, both software and hardware. When the transfer of data, the blue light will flicker so that adds an elegant and modern.

In addition to those advantages, Kristian Tjahjono from the Yahoo! site helped reveal that the ADATA also provides software Norton Internet Security free for 60 days, plus OStoGO and HDDtoGO. The available capacity is 500GB and you can get a price of USD89.99 or Rp 800 thousand.

This price is slightly above average 500GB external hard disk from other brands, but the price difference is helped along with some advantages DashDrive Elite HE720 than the competitors, was still quite reasonable.

Unfortunately, until now there has been no further information about its presence in Indonesia. But if you’re still curious about the capabilities and advantages of hard drive this one, you can visit the official website at