Addressing Critical Little Attitude

Facing a barrage of questions your child is critical, what should you do in order to address the critical power of the little guy being honed.

Do not show a negative response
Very wise if you do not show a negative response on the critical attitude of the child, such as angry, upset, or even told him to be quiet.
Your patience arguably the most important role. Do not get your child to stop asking because it turns out you’re bored and no longer answer.
Inevitably you should always be prepared for the reactions your child about the things around him. Thus, you do not feel surprised or disturbed by the critical attitude of the child, because it can be anticipated in advance.
Agree on rules
Before traveling to a place that involves many people, such as social gathering, a bank, or a wedding, you should tell me in advance that he would meet the situation, and what kind of behavior you expect from him. For example, do not ask constantly while others talk, or ask the questions he put up in the house.
Listen carefully
Before you answer, listen carefully and understand the question. Even if I have to ask the fundamental question that you answer truly meet their needs. It is also useful to avoid misunderstanding.
Navigate to the discovery of answers
For more sharpness to train your child to think, he should be guided to find an answer to his own question. The trick? By asking questions that led to the discovery behind the answer.