Applications Eye Base / Eye Primer

In the make-up, eye makeup is one of the important elements that really support the outcome of the makeup. Eye makeup very influential. However, often times the makeup for the eyes is the hardest part for most women. Of course, the eye makeup is wrong or imperfect would make all the makeup, good makeup and lips will look fail.

Eye makeup can not be separated from the use of eye shadow. Often times, let us use eye shadow. this is because the colors do not come out when it is applied, and the staying power or endurance color is quite short.

The solution is the application of Eye Base / Eye Primer before using the eye shadow. What is eye primer or eye base? From the name, we can guess that this is the basis or foundation for eye makeup. James, of course, correct guesses.

Using this basis will help us improve the performance of eye shadow. With the application of Eye Base / Eye Primer, color eye shadow would be out. Often we have problems eyeshadow colors that are not visible on our eyelids. with the application of this basis will help the color to be more outgoing.

In addition, basic eye makeup will enhance staying power so that the color of eye shadow on the eyelids will last longer. As another plus, we use these basic eye makeup will help disguise frown lines on the eyelid. Then, how the application of Eye Base / Eye Primer this?

• Take a little eye base to the tip of our fingers. primary packaging eyes also diverse, from the form of tubes or pots. No matter what the form.

• Apply an eye primer on the eyelid area to eye bone in which we will apply the eye shadow. Apply evenly and not too thick.

• Use eye shadow as usual.
Basically, the primary use for eye makeup is very easy. It is also a solution for the use of foundation for eye and lip area will impact the final result is less good or less presentable. Kelupak eyes will look broken. For this reason, it is necessary to use appropriate primary eye area.

To get the Eye Base / Eye Primer is not difficult because almost all brands of eye makeup primer is issued. However, what if we do not have this primary? no need to worry because there are alternative replacement.

The first alternative is to use a facial moisturizer or primer eye makeup primer. The second is to use a clear lip gloss. Use a small amount and spread it evenly on the eyelid. As an alternative to the use of lip gloss Eye Base / Eye Primer will usually make color eye shadow would look more glowing.