Armenian food ideas for your wedding

If you are looking for a unique and exotic food will your marriage with Armenian menu is certainly a good way. With ethnic food at your wedding is a good way to go because it’s different and it’s something that will remain in the memory of your loved ones. With these foods is a great way to open each there for new and exciting food. If you want food Armenians have planned for your wedding, it is better to know some of the most popular dishes in the region. Below you will find some tasty and popular Armenian that you should consider for your wedding menu!

Appetizer article: Armenian cheese Boreg

These delicious appetizers are usually the sales of dough that are stuffed with parsley and cheese. They are cooked to golden brown and amazingly crisp. The texture is light and are best when served hot. There are many different types of cheese that can make these foods, but it is usually a combination of Monterey Jack, feta and ricotta. They are very simple and not too fancy, which is ideal for those who do not “open” for eating at the wedding.

Item No. 1 Meals: Baba Ganoush

This is actually one of the most famous food of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. You’ve probably heard of this food often when you actually ever eaten. This dish is really just eggplant, which is crushed and mixed with a variety of spices with virgin olive oil. Some other common foods that you find in this dish are tomatoes, onions, potatoes and more roll. They may, irrespective of the type of cup vegetables to add request.

Some of the ingredients that are often added to the mixture of eggplant and garlic vegetables, parsley, salt, tahini, lemon juice, mint and vinegar. Many like to add cumin and chili powder to the mixture to give it a bit of an extra kick. Eggplant and other elements of the mix are usually together, so he rolled eating much easier. It is a real meal Armenian and will certainly be a hit with your wedding guests.

Article Meal # 2: Sou-BERAG

This is very similar to the American lasagna. It does not contain meat, which is good for vegetarians, marriage is to visit. It is a layered casserole with pasta and feta cheese. The noodles are like regular lasagna. It contains herbs like mint and parsley. Feta is not the only type of cheese, which is in this court, there Quark, Jack cheese and ricotta. It is generally not the sauce when it comes to this dish, but if you want, it is likely that the caterer you add.

Article # 3 Meal: grilled lamb chops

For meat lovers to marriage, it is a good meal to have items available. Lamb with countries in the Middle East is a bit of beef and pork in America. Instead of pork chops, and I’m sure you’ve eaten, it will be lamb chops instead. The lamb chops are typically about 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. They are seasoned with seasons as mint, basil, parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Often found with this meal with barbecue sauce, red wine mixed with onions and yellow peppers.

As you can see, this menu will be very strong for your taste buds for those who are not used very much spice. But even with the spice, it is amazing to eat the same thing! They are quite messy, so have bibs and towels ready.

Article Dessert: Khunami Khop

The funny thing about this dessert is that men and Armenian women is to create impress the family of someone you want them to marry. Therefore, it is a very clever dessert is to make your wedding! This dessert is just a very small amount of dough that is drizzled with honey or syrup around.

What happens is that the batter spreads wider and wider to the eater think there’s really a lot more dough than it really is. Therefore, it is generally called “the crazy in-laws” dessert. The young man or woman who tries to believe that the family of his special someone, they have a little more money they do wrong. It is a traditional dessert idiot, but it sure is tasty!

They gave up at least one meal for each category of food at a wedding. There are many other great Armenian food that you can serve at your wedding, it is traditional and very popular. Your guests will love the variety of foods they’ve never tried before, and you will love your loved ones always try something new and exciting!