big baby

Wow, huge baby. Lest there diabetic mother? The sentence is not unusual sounds. The information has come out of nowhere, people who definitely have realized that one of the common causes of a very large baby at birth is the mother suffered diabetes.

Ingestion of food (including glucose) had been going since the fetus in the womb. A mother who has diabetes hospital where blood sugar levels are not controlled during pregnancy he would provide excessive supply of sugar in the baby anyway. As a result, the fetus will produce too much insulin the cells of the body can take and use sugar given.

When we look at the mechanisms involved, then we can certainly understand that with the amount of sugar used by the body cells of the fetus will cause the fetus to grow larger than it should. Therefore, when babies are born weighing more than 4 kg, then the mother’s blood sugar should be checked (if during pregnancy has not been done).

Another problem arises from the high blood sugar is the adaptation in the pancreas produce insulin that high amount. At birth, the pancreas produced insulin levels stay high baby, but on the other hand the supply of glucose from the mother immediately stopped. Newborn baby can fall into a state of hypoglycemia or blood sugar levels are very low. This situation can be very dangerous.