Boxes made of duck

One of the best ways to attract wild ducks, is to use a box duck. Use the box is to increase the number of ducks in particular in many local communities. Before the ducks in various regions of the United States are not lacking. But declined due to constant hunting their numbers gradually. Hunting and constant complaints countries have almost caused the extinction of this type of bird. Now that the changes in the law, the ducks have increased in number. Wild ducks often. Boxes of houses and often lay their eggs on these boxes

The meaning of the boxes

The meaning of the fields is that most wood ducks and other ducks usually make their home. Yes, women generally live duck in wetlands and in wooden crates. While the constant migration, they need houses in different places. If a prospective wood box is found, the duck is frequently check the box and check the contents. Ducks often take their cases according to their size and shape. Of course, they can also choose a home that is away from all predators. Once they have a suitable field for them often chosen eggs. The eggs hatch and then they will then move to another location. Basically, an increase in effective box duck population of the two wood ducks, and other species.

Selecting the ideal location for a box

To get the correct location for a box, several factors must be considered strictly. One of them is that the box should be away from all known predators, it may jeopardize the tenant of the box. Therefore, the box should have several wooden poles and ropes to prevent predators from eating birds. The box should also be found in the vicinity of a suitable living environment, and it should not be far away. Generally prefer homes of wild ducks that are hundreds of meters from their habitat. The reason is that the fertile wetlands they need for food and looking for a partner. The shallow wetlands to allow them to insects and small fish, which in turn is to get their meals.

With the right materials

Another important factor, if you’re a duck box, choose the right wood for the job. The ideal type of wood is first cut and rough, like ducks claws create an exit hole. Metal or plastic boxes are not ideal, as they may interfere with the ducks leave the structure. At least one pair of wood chips should also be included in the box so that the ducks will nest. Once females see wood chips, they will usually use it to hatch their eggs. After the winter season, the boxes should have. A new batch of wood chips as the old lot by bad weather, which can be damaged by cold winter