Breed Specific Legislation end now!

A global anti-BSL campaign unfolds, and I invite each of you to participate.

The media have managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy, what a witch hunt against a dog that looks like a pit bull (which is not even a race!) Are started.

These dogs have been called a threat, and as a result of nursing homes by force can not be taken without reason, imprisoned, and even killed. Innocence is irrelevant if the label has been assigned.

What kind of corrupt society must happen disgusts me, but no more. What is this madness ends today.

How, you ask? Here is how.

While the number of goals are numerous, the most strategic campaigns are targeted.

Therefore, I believe that we should start the campaign with a focus on three areas: media, local politicians and celebrities.


Media are influential and often (much to the chagrin of many!) Manufacturers of public opinion. It is the media that runs on the last bar of “dangerous dog” story, and the public in a lynching. It is the only reason they have the power to move audiences thinking “in the other direction.


Contact can have as many media personalities, like you, television, radio and print media. Call for journalists and editors, to convince them that the story must be told. Why not show even a local animal theme as a guest? Just be sure that you will not be limited to these shows. The aim is to raise awareness, not to preach to the converted. The names and contact details of staff can be found on the outlet side of the site.

Government officials:

You must create the power to stop and change the law.


Contact your local representatives and express their views on the welfare of animals, particularly BSL.

We all know, talk is cheap, so to stay in touch with them, pay attention to their voting behavior and make sure they know that their constituents observed.

How to set up a council meeting, and attend a local politician called? If they are strong, they say, people of “dangerous dogs” and worried it will show the public that politicians listen. Not to mention, they could earn goodwill and goodwill is reflected in votes.

To be fair, BSL invite professional person to discuss the issue. Please make sure that the person is in your corner to the question enthusiast, and can answer any questions. You do not want this to turn!

Search for local officials in your country, enter communicate with elected officials and the country’s name.


Love them or hate them, they have an impact on many. We might as well convince them of important things, so let’s talk about their BSL.


There are many high-profile celebrities who are serious animal lover and do a lot to help. Start with them, and they persuade themselves against BSL.

Tweet them to publish or his agent or publicist.

So there you have it – an easy start to the campaign.

Well, here’s a fact – if we do not get tens of thousands of people flooded our goals with calls and e-mails, it will not work.

Here is another fact – contact is not a “one off” event. The key to the exercise is sustained and long term effort, until we get the job done. With sufficient pressure, the caves.

There are so many groups and individuals are signing petitions and condemn BSL, but the voices are fragmented.

The only way is to make a change by joining forces. Why not share it with other end BSL advocates and groups in your area, and a great voice?

It is difficult to ignore a cry a whisper.

Now go out and ROAR!