Bringing Children to Nature with Gardening

There is never a limit to start a friendship with nature. In toddlers, Mama was able to introduce gardening activities.

No need to bother waiting for invites to the fields or while visiting my grandmother in the countryside. Instilling an interest in this fun activity can be started from home.

Starting from the room

There are many different kinds of plants are easy to grow indoors. This is certainly a great idea, especially for Mama who lives in the city center is busy and narrow land or in an apartment.

Because it can grow indoors, let her keep it in a private room (if only 1-2 small pots). Every night he could observe the development of the ‘baby plants’ property.

Find a fast growing plant

Children are easy to lose interest, then it should look for fast-growing plants. Mama can consult with the seller about this seed. Lili paris or Chlorophytum including popular ornamental plants, because of the relatively fast growing with attractive leaves. The flowers are white, when the plants are mature enough to grow seedling-small saplings at the ends of stems around the plant.

Select plants that are useful

Try to grow grass, or vegetables that can be eaten. Use square pot as a container. Some herbs such as parsley, oregano, rosemary grows very fast, it takes a bit of sun and does not require a large area.

Give gifts in the form of plant

As one way to encourage gardening, Mama could get used it to give a birthday gift to a family member or friend in the form of plants. Fun way, the plant should not grow as tall as a gift and a privilege because it feels very personal.

Let your hands dirty

Gardening course involves soil, fertilizer, water and other materials that would make dirty hands (and clothes). If he does not want to use gloves, so be it. Provided that after gardening kids used to wash hands thoroughly with soap up between your fingers and nails.