4 Reasons Why Running Ensures That You’re Healthy And Happy

My entire life took a turn for the better after I’d decided to take up running. It all began when one of my friends decided that they’d sign me up for a half marathon, which I wasn’t that pleased with at the time. Suddenly, I had to enter the universe of 6 a.m training runs, wearing some rather fancy shoes and throwing on my lovely bluetooth sport headphones. Ever since that happened, I’ve been running. However, that doesn’t mean to say that I’ve not had some difficult days on a run. There have even been a few occasions where I’ve asked myself if I am really cut out for this kind of exercise regime.  But I’m still here, running the days away and discovering the vast health benefits that running has to offer. Whether it’s for your mental or physical health, there isn’t a whole lot that a solid jog’s not going to improve. There’s no reason not to grab your shoes, a bottle of water, pick up a bluetooth sport headphones and continue down the road ahead of you – that’s all you’ll need. If you’re getting into running, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting a sport headphone, they’re an essential tool to keep you motivated and to prevent boredom. There’s been too many occasions where I’d have probably given up without my Drum n’ Bass music blaring into my ears. Here are some of the most beneficial factors of running for a new runner to bear in mind: 1: Helps For Processing Pain When you run, you’re putting yourself in tune with your body in a way that most other exercises aren’t able to. You will learn how much stress you’re able to take and how you can function under that physical stress. When I first began training for the half marathon, I quickly began to define the painful feelings that I was experiencing. I understood the difference between a simple stiffness and the utter discomfort that’s related to a serious injury. This helped me tremendously in knowing when to give my body a break, and when I had to just force myself through my laziness. 2: Boosts Your Mood Everyone’s heard of the “runner’s high”. It’s actually a real thing, and it’s related to your body’s release of endorphins, a chemical reaction that occurs in your body and brain where physical activity causes more than just pain – it boosts you into a great mood. While it’s quite a difficult feeling to describe, I’d find it easiest to describe as being “in the zone”. After you’ve got through the initial stages of your run, you enter a continual, blissful state of motion that’s very beneficial for your mood.  3: Builds Endurance For The Brain And The Body Most people consider distance running to be an incredibly grueling task. On some occasions, you’ll be stunning people with your agility and strength. On another day, you’ll be considered lucky if you managed to run around the block without stopping for a breath every 5 seconds. This is because there’s a number of factors involved with running, and there’s some that you won’t be able to control.  Whatever the case, it’s essential that you continue to move forward. It’s all in your endurance of the task that’s ahead of you. There’s no other way to reach the finish line. Endurance in running certainly teaches you to break down mental blocks from other aspects of your life, making it a very important tool for anyone.
4: Increases Confidence Just one hour of running can make you feel completely different for a day, even if you didn’t at all enjoy the run itself. It has a strange ability to boost the “life” that’s in you and to generally boost your confidence. This is probably something to do with the mental barriers that are so easily broken down by a running regime.