Choose Snacking Right for Toddlers

toddler is the growth period major child and in the this period anyway a child grows older basis rapidly both physically nor his ability. To achieve results who optimal then the must be noted also food which will given to the toddlers especially on the womb its nutritional value.

Highly recommended for give children-children at age toddlers and pre this school a combination from menu foods at least 1 times main meals with 2 times the food interlude (snack) every 8 hour or less, and for at above 8 those hours should be children-child gets the 2 times main meals and 2 times a snack or combinations thereof.

In choosing snack / foods interlude for toddler need to be considered some guide as follows:

Avoid snack / foods nibbles with sugar levels high, especially on crime who contain sugar content high. Crime can be survive long in the tooth and sugar on crime with high sugar levels reacts with acid in mouth which can erode email tooth.

Avoid foods with shapes and sizes who small as well as easy swallowed such as form of dice or small spheres-small because can cause toddlers choking.

Do not be impose toddlers for consuming something who not his liking.

For food that was brought from the house should be be remembered a few things as follows:

Make sure the these foods be at a temperature who ideal when consumed for avoid the development of bacteria a result temperature of the food who do not ideal
Avoid the division of foods inter toddler for avoid the possibility of transfer bacteria
Make sure the food who was brought meet the nutritional needs child’s. If the those foods is food which sold at stores-stores, be sure that the are listed content of value of nutritional inside such products
Note also the food which consumed on event pestakarena generally these foods contain levels of sugar and fat which is high. Preferably the food was prepared from home or choose snack who safe for toddlers