Click Here to Consider Rings for Symbolic Associations With Different Fingers

Most adults are aware that in the United States, a wedding ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand. For women, this is where the engagement ring also is worn. Not everyone is aware that each finger has a meaning in regard to the wearing of rings, though. Understanding these meanings can help women decide which fingers to adorn with rings, and possibly which rings to choose when they click here to shop.

Sources of Meanings

Meanings attributed to different fingers have numerous sources, which broadens the possibilities. Those symbolic meanings may be derived from the Zodiac, mythology, cultural tradition, palmistry and other sources. Certain symbolic associations are standard, however.

The Middle Finger

For example, the idea of the second finger symbolizing balance makes sense across different belief systems because it’s located in the middle. This can be broadened to include the scales of justice, appropriate for someone who puts a high priority on that particular aspect of society.

The Ring Finger

With the ring finger of the left hand commonly associated with betrothal and marriage, at least in this country the ring finger of the right hand may be connected with relationships. This might be where a person wears a friendship ring or a pre-engagement ring. In many other nations, especially in Europe, engagement and wedding rings are normally worn on the right hand. This has also become a tradition in this country for gay and lesbian couples.

The Index Finger

A ring on the index finger may symbolize leadership and ambition, according to some traditions. A woman may want to choose jewelry for the index finger if she wants to feel more powerful. In contrast, pinky rings are associated with intuition and communication.

Of course, some women like to wear rings on every finger of both hands, although the usual preference is to skip the thumb. An increasing trend is to wear two or more rings on one finger at the same time, sometimes with the jewelry reaching close to the fingernail. Shoppers can find a large variety of options at an online store such as Adina’s Jewels.