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How to Choose the Right Retail Merchandising Software

If you intend to replace your retail management platform, a quick search on the web will provide several alternatives to select from. Yet despite all the marketing hoopla on seller websites, the answers you’re looking for may still be missing.

Now we’re faced with the question of how to differentiate the many different solution providers, with such a wide range of offerings from them?

Handled Merchandise

First off, is the system capable of accommodating every little thing on your product list? Retail systems are not all created equal, and not every platform can handle all kinds of merchandise equally easily. If a system is too general or too specific, difficulties may result in the long run. The differences between product categories can introduce unique challenges. Choose retail software that is tailor-made for your business with customization abilities.

Retail Channels Managed

Your retail management system should be able to manage all the channels in which your business operates. For instance, does it work for brick-and-mortar selling? E-commerce? Maybe catalog or franchising? How effective is the software in terms allowing you to leverage new sales opportunities on all these channels?

Global Capabilities

This is especially important for retailers who cover the globe, or those who are planning to. Can the software work with a number of currencies, languages, etc.?

Supply-Chain and Inventory-Management Capabilities

Even with the targeted configurations and specifications, the functions of retail software vary hardly significantly from one system to another. The largest and most crucial differences likely exist in the inventory management and supply chain sections. This is the part where your new system’s benefits will become very obvious. Is the software equipped with the replenishment and allocation capabilities that you require? How are the functionalities combined with one another and with the larger system?

Evidence of User-Friendliness

As you try to find new software, you may realize that nearly all vendors promise ease of use for their solutions. Butt such claims or promises have now become so common they no longer hold value. To accurately gauge the software’s user-friendliness, be the judge yourself. In the early part of the assessment, ask the vendor if they will let you try the platform for free. Is the interface intuitive enough for you? Do they have a quick and easy instructional video?

After considering all the above, you should have a clear idea by now of what a good in retail management platform is. As you may know, the planning stage is vital, but as long as you do it right, you will be safe from unnecessary risks and issues.

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