During the holidays arrive, many kinds of foods will be presented at the dinner table. Usually we start to worry because it could not resist the temptation to try it. Actually there are many ways to prevent excessive food we eat and maintain weight during the holiday feast.

The following tips should help us to regulate eating habits in order to maintain weight without losing the delicious dishes at the feast. Good work!

Save a few calories during the day
If the party or feast there are a lot of tempting foods, we should limit the number of calories we consume during the day in order to keep the calorie level remained normal. Try to choose a menu that fibrous vegetables, fruits, salads, and lean protein.

Consumption of snack before
If we suddenly hungry and easily tempted by high fat foods, we should eat a snack or drink a large glass of water before we approach the dinner table.

Serve yourself
By taking a little bit of food that we want in the dish, then we have ourselves to avoid eating in the portion of the lot. Our traditions during this time may always be served by others, try to do it yourself.

Eat slowly
The faster we eat, the faster the likelihood we eat foods that excess weight and eventually badanpun be increased.

Avoid back to the dinner table twice
If the first portion of the meal is finished, wait a few minutes to figure out if we are still hungry enough for a second portion. The food may be good enough, but do we need to add another meal?

Eat a little dessert
On the feast day, it is impossible to not try to skip dessert after a meal. Instead, try to eat a piece of cake alone.

After a great meal, we should not remain silent. Bring the whole family for a walk around the neighborhood once home to bersilahturahmi.

Exercise regularly
Holiday at the feast is usually a pretty solid time, but that does not mean we do not have time to exercise. Sport is very important especially when we do not do a lot of activities, but the amount of food intake remains much. Try to offset this by doing regular exercise.