Eggplant Efficacious

Research find the fact that the eggplant can be prevent cancer and damage to blood vessels arterial. By because it, eggplant can be suppress and overcome atherosclerosis was, namely disease which arising because of transport blood and substances food on blood vessels arteries disrupted.

Bebarapa types of eggplant, namely:

Eggplant Telunjuk

Eggplant This shaped such as forefinger, sized is being and colored light green. Usually eggplant this type processed into balado, semur, or pencak.

Eggplant Netherlands

Form of eggplant This oval amounted to egg. Young time colored yellow, when ripe his skin turned into purplish. Taste of eggplant is sour, usually made syrup or juice, could be also be consumed as fruit fresh.

Eggplant Gelatik Ungu

Usually person consume eggplant purple colored this as a lalapan crude. The shape is like ball Pimpong.

Eggplant Gelatik

Form of eggplant this the same like the eggplant Wren purple,’s the difference lies in the color skin. If eggplant Wren purple colored purple, eggplant is colored green with stripe-white lines on end of the fruit. Eggplant this is called eggplant lalap because often eaten as lalap or a complement Karedok.

Eggplant Kopek

Eggplant this a lot of consumed society As with vegetable or balado.

Eggplant Japan

Eggplant this its shape a long round, akin eggplant kopek, however its size is smaller and the color is purple an old.

Eggplant Tekokak and Leunca

Eggplant this by the society Sundanese usually consumed as lalap which processed with oncom, tauco, or mixture pepes.

Eggplant White

The shape is such as eggplant japan, but its size slightly more big. Clean white color, ordinary processed as mix the contents of pasta or were made eggplant the contents of meat.

Fruit the eggplant known to contain strychnine, scopolamine, scopoletin and skoparon which can mengahambat nerve spasms, prevent and treat attacks epilepsy and diseases other convulsive.

In Korea, eggplant which has been dried can cure lumbago, gout, waist stiff and other pain. Eggplant also capable of treat diseases measles, pox water, dependence alcohol and burns. The results of research in Japan reveals that the womb trypsin (protease) inhibitor on eggplant is believed can resist attacks cancer-triggering substances or reduce the the risk of disease of cancer.