Extra Care For Maintaining Quality Silk

In addition to beautiful, silk fabrics synonymous with luxury. A large selection of colors and patterns, making the most of the women are interested in making it as one of your favorite collection to be worn as casual, and formal events.

Although relatively durable, the silk fiber protein similar to human hair that needs to be treated in order to keep it looking good and healthy. By knowing how to proper care, you can keep silk clothing in peak condition for years.

How to care for silk appropriately? Consider the following tips, as summarized from various sources,

Keep silk in a dry and not damp. Always use a clothes hanger made of soft, foam-covered.

Avoid ironing directly on the surface of the silk fabric. Use cloth or clothing to cover you when ironed silk fabric and iron on the inside with a moderate temperature.

When you buy silk clothing in the form of so, heed the advice to maintain. Usually for pure silk (100 percent silk material), it is advisable to be washed by dry cleaning (dry cleaning). For silk dupioni light as silk chiffon, China silk and crepe de Chine, dry-cleaning services are the best option.

Dry cleaning helps maintain the original texture of the fabric, though carries some risk. Cleaning solution may not fit with silk and silk can be damaged if placed in the same tube with a rough cloth. Washed by hand in warm water is the best choice. Especially for the thin silk, the fabric that stitches can be oppressed its own problems. Good quality silk tends to look better and last longer when washed hands. Layers of natural silk fibers react well with warm water

Do not be squeezed when dry. The best way to dry them is to use a rolled up towel, like when we make Rolade. press gently until the water is absorbed towel. Or let it dry by itself breeze. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Do not soak silk clothes into the detergent. Use a shampoo that has gentle formula or use baby shampoo. Soak in itself, should not be mixed together with other clothes.

Make sure the wardrobe free of insects. Use insect repellent specifically for your wardrobe. In addition, in order not to wrinkle your clothes and exposed smearing color of other clothes because it is stored too long, wrap your silk underwear with a special plastic clothing.

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