Functioning iPhone Casing For Charger

Interested in looking casing dual function for your iPhone? Who knows you are interested in some of these products.

Interestingly, casing-casing not only serve to protect, but also recharge the battery (charger) whenever and wherever you need it. When the battery indicator started to give a warning, you can simply activate the charging function. Is not that great!

Energizer Energy

Casing is among the most slender and anti slip. When installed, guaranteed there will be no significant change in the size of your iPhone.

Not only that, Energizer Energy also has a coating that makes fingerprints the user does not stick. Energizer Energy priced worth no more than U.S. $ 50.

Eton Mobius Black

Suitable for iPhone users who travel frequently, especially to places where there was no electricity. With monocrystal solar panel, you only need sunlight to charge its power and used when needed. Eton Mobius Black Price is U.S. $ 59.99.

Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Casing is intended for those who need battery power excess, as it likes to take pictures and record video. Mophie Juice Pack Pro can improve your iPhone’s battery power to 150 percent.

More sophisticated, this case also has a military standard which means it can withstand dust, water, impact, and any dirt. Mophie Juice Pack Pro is priced at U.S. $ 129.95.


The product offers a simple and beautiful design. Besides being able to increase the battery life is doubled, Boostcase Hybrid is also available in many colors. The price is U.S. $ 79.95.

Third Rail Slim Case

The combination of protection and the charger is very interesting. But what if its charging function can be used for other devices? Here’s a try at Third Rail Slim Case.

The battery in the casing can be removed and used as a charger under on other devices. The price was at U.S. $ 89.99