Grumpy Granny adventures in Angry Gran

What happens if there is an eccentric grandmother whose hobby asking for money by force and violence in the city do? Maybe in the real world it is hard or even impossible to find, but through a mobile phone game you can follow the adventures of a grandmother rioters in the game Angry Gran made from the developer Ace Viral.

Angry Gran is a game that tells a grandmother rioters. But do not try to not ever underestimate the power of his grandmother because the grandmother in this game has a very bad temper. This vivacious grandmother equip himself with a variety of equipment to spy-style weapons such as newspapers, skateboards, and a stop sign that aims to beat the people who allow it to collect coins for retirement money. Due to this, the famous grandmother did not have a good reputation in the city especially his penchant people on the street.

All you need to do here is to help the grandmother did rout to earn money by pressing your finger anywhere on the game screen to launch weapons. But that does not mean you do not need to watch the fingering in releasing the weapon as if firing a gun in the direction where there is no one that his grandmother could have been hurt. Maybe you will find it strange and funny when she saw the grandmother brought the hammer on his shoulder or a skateboard gliding but that’s to be one of the game’s appeal.

One thing that must be considered in order to attack the right target then hold your finger on the screen until the arms are fully charged and shows granny time indicating the weapon is ready to fire. The number of coins earned are based on the current strength of the weapon and the target release. However you should be careful not to the police because his grandmother will be forced to wear a jacket tightly so it can not do anything, including collecting coins. This also applies if the grandmother were shot himself and had to sit in a wheelchair.

Overall the game Angry Gran has grooves every game that quickly, especially through existing checkpoints so the opportunity to charge back the assault weapons likely to be reduced and the greater the grandmother alone. This will cause the grandmother was in a wheelchair and lost time there so it is difficult to accumulate enough coins before reaching the checkpoint.

Coins collected can be used to upgrade the skills of the grandmother as Strength, to charge * for faster attacks. Discount-reducing the number of coins needed supplies to get through the checkpoint, and Recovery-recover more quickly if the weapon on himself. In addition to buying the three skills above, you can buy new weapons to add armaments her grandmother to make a mess. Weapons rockets are also available at any time if the grandmother had to flee an intruder and you can also upgrade the grandmother pension plan by collecting more money per hour.

Talk about graphics and background music, is quite satisfactory in terms of control of the game but there is one drawback that is not a special button to do something so you could say this game is a pure touchscreen game. In terms of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis game has enough fresh ideas and original where usually the main character in a game is the young people who intend to fight crime but here, you will find a grumpy old woman, handyman and provocateurs. The conclusion is a bad-tempered grandmother.

You can get this game for free in the Android Market and iTunes Store.