How do you use a bearded dragon incubator

It is not a secret that exotic animals such as bearded dragons are known sociable and friendly. This is one reason why many owners want to breed them. Taking care of your bearded dragon female, they will be able to healthy babies that you add to your beardie existing family, or you can decide to sell their products. A group of bearded dragon eggs is called pairing. Eggs that the female dragon product must be brought to an exact implementation hatching safely. To do this, you need an incubator. The incubator is in the process of hatching to help at appropriate temperatures. Normally, substrates such as sand and newspaper is not the ideal temperature for coupling mature hence the need of an incubator. Have a clutch 50 eggs or less, and this is another reason why you need to use an incubator.

What are the steps for using an incubator? Here is a list of steps to use it properly.

Step 1: Keep an eye on your bet dragon female as she lays her eggs. You’ll usually dig in the sand to lay their eggs. You should probably lay their eggs on the edges of their cage make sure you do not miss some.

STEP 2: Carefully remove the eggs and place them in a plastic container containing vermiculite. Make sure no broken eggs are included. To prepare the mixture, the vermiculite mixed with water (a portion of the vermiculite to four parts water). Vermiculite is used to generate heat and heat the eggs during incubation. Vermiculite from supply stores to buy pets. Make sure you cover the container. Make holes for ventilation.

STEP 3: Now the eggs, which are in the plastic container in an incubator, which is made of polystyrene foam. Make sure the temperature is set to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Once set, place the foam in a cool room. There should be neither hot nor cold, or it will interfere with the incubation and lead immature eggs. To check the temperature with a thermometer on the ordinary side. Make sure the incubator is stable and is not subject to movement.

Step 4: Wait until the eggs hatch. It will take about two months. The eggs are cracked.

STEP 5: If you see that the eggs have hatched, let the baby bearded dragons for 24-36 hours. You still need the warmth and heat. After three days, you can now they transferred their vivarium and you can now begin to provide food.

These are the five steps in the processing of your eggs incubator for bearded dragons. . Make sure you are well informed about the necessary things you need before you incubate informed your pet if you are not sure about some points, consult your veterinarian and he or she will accompany you and support you incubation of eggs in your pet.