How to Easily at Home Hair Coloring

Hair coloring technique does require its own tricks. But believe me, your favorite routines, not only for women can also be done easily at home.

In fact, dye your hair to look beautiful and dazzling need not always have difficulty coming to a beauty salon and hair care as well as the drain on the pocket too.

In addition to more efficient and practical, a lot of hair dye products on the market, seems to be a solution like those who want to change your hair color without diluting the bag. Here are some suggestions for you, when you want to apply yourself at home hair dye.

First, if the hair has been colored before, no need to bleaching because this process can actually damage the hair. Before coloring, do the skin allergy test ear. Once safe, then you can apply it on the hair.

Second, to the owner of curly hair, do blow dry to straighten before colored hair dye that is easier to apply. Do not forget to dye your hair from the inside out. Apply slowly so the hair can absorb the dye perfectly.

Third, for leveling dyes, better use of their hands and avoid using a comb. Dye is a substance that can open the hair cuticle. If using a comb, it will be very easy to make hair break.

Fourth, let stand for 30-45 minutes before rinsing. Use conditioner to keep hair soft and not dry. When half dry hair, apply hair vitamins that hair strands stronger.

Lastly, if you want to get a tone lighter or darker, give pause for 4-6 weeks for coloring hair is not broken, dry and damaged. Wrap! Let’s pop the color!