I want to save my marriage – communication and / or therapy

“I want to save my marriage!” I hear you. How can this be achieved? Communication is essential. Think about it. Are you and your spouse are fighting now? Whether positive or negative, will you communicate! Fighting does not solve problems, it creates more problems. Let us guide you in your communication tactics, if this is the case, you may want to save your marriage. Bear with me and hear honest.

What followed whatever the circumstances of your meeting, the first call or you would not be together today. Am I right? Think about it! Initial discussions have led to curiosity and curiosity enough to bring you this week peaked union of marriage.

To find the beginning always know the other speaks. It was a challenge each other’s views on many issues in order to achieve what is driving the other. It makes no sense for this community? Through the differences that you are now facing a couple of

Bring your differences to light. Leave the other, which takes you away from the relationship. Speak. Communicate. You may find that you have the same criticism? Communication is the key to maintaining a successful relationship. Married life presents many challenges and comes with additional tasks, such as marriage grows. You must keep the lines of communication open to make changes and keep your relationship in tact.

You do not feel you can talk about the other side? Or you do not want to talk to each other? You talk about your differences are no longer an option? If this is the case, and somewhere inside you, you are a little voice say, “I want to save my marriage” listen, then look outside of what you offer on your own. Perhaps that it is time to seek outside advice. It may take some time to see someone who is not emotionally involved in your situation, but can offer a point of view outside. Is it worth try Yes, it is! They came together in love and promise, remember? Are you open?

If you can not fix your marriage yourself, it may be time to consult a counselor. “I want to save my marriage!” Do you hear these words? Are they a resounding? If this is the case, and your spouse agree, you have a choice.

In addition to making an appointment with a counselor for a price, you have alternatives. The first is to check with your college, psychology and marriage counseling local offer their students. You can get advice after hours, under the supervision of a licensed psychologist at no cost to you. Students who are in their final year and have hours of internal training to its assets, to provide these services for free. Please do not discredit their capacity. They would not be offered the position of internal consultants to school if they are not ready to go on their own. Here, too, they will be supervised by degreed psychologist.

Sometimes, a non-partisan outsider. Couple therapy can help. It allows you informally, outside forum. Never give up until you’ve tried a remedy. Remember, what you feel in your heart when you said “I do!”