If the child is difficult Rise and Shine

In the school’s parents must have been busy with a pretty emotionally draining morning that wakes the child to go to school. “If every morning should begin with high emotions, it could be that you will lose energy to the rest of the day,” said Helene Emsellem, author of Snooze … or Lose! 10 “No-War” Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Sleep Habits.

To reduce the stress parents should know that the child’s body, both men and women, especially adolescents differently than adults, including her biological systems.

As quoted from CBC.ca, the hormone melatonin, which is known to induce or stimulate sleep normally released by the body. In adults this hormone is out around 10 pm, the adolescent unfortunately only released about 1 am today.

This condition makes it difficult for some children to bed early at night, even though he had entered the room early. Delayed release of the hormone melatonin makes kids feel still night although he was woken early morning, so the kids will struggle to get up.

In addition due to hormonal changes, some things can be the cause of the child is hard to wake as sleep a night in front of the television, cahya sleep with the light that makes it more difficult to sleep quickly.

For that one way that parents can do is to help children sleep more quickly for example by providing extracurricular activities during the day and create a comfortable environment for the children so they can sleep more quickly.

According Emsellem, difficulty waking in the morning in adolescents is not a matter of habit, but a biological problem. So that you do not need to yell every morning?

Give responsibility
“Ask your child more responsibility for their sleep patterns. Means that they have to learn to get up without the help of others,” said Emsellem. In addition, make the limit. For example, you will wake once. “If you go into his room four times in every morning, they will not feel they have a responsibility to get up early because they feel you will continue to do so,” said Emsellem.

Teach how to
Ask them to record every day, what time they sleep and when they wake up. Do this for a few weeks. Note the extent to which changes in sleep patterns can help them get up earlier. For example, you may request homework before 19:00, and sleep earlier than usual.

Beware of weekend
Most children and adolescents to delay sleep time on weekends, because they feel they can get up the next day over lunch. According to William Kohler, medical director of the Florida Sleep Institute in Spring Hill, Florida, is fine if they actually want to sleep longer on the weekends. “However, give grace period up only about 1-2 hours later than the school day. To be sure, do not let them get up after 10.00 am,” said Kohler. This may prevent interference with their sleep patterns.

Keep computers and TVs out of room
Also, do not let them interact with two electronic devices is just before bed, because it can actually make them so difficult to sleep. In the meantime, make sure the child’s bedroom has a window facing out, so the sunlight outside can help them get up every morning.

Good luck!