Infant Immunization

Immunizations are very important for the baby because it gives them their immunizations are expected to avoid the various dangerous diseases. Immunizations must be very beneficial for the baby because it is the process by which antibody in infants will be established.
The vaccine is given to infants is a kind of bacteria or germs that are already weakened.

The aim is inserted into the baby’s body when immunization is to stimulate the baby’s body system to produce antibodies so that later when the baby is actually developing the disease, the baby will fight with its own antibodies.

There are several kinds of immunizations should be given to babies from birth until a certain age.

1. BCG immunization
BCG immunization is the first given to infants that aims to deliver the baby immunity against tuberculosis or tuberculosis bacteria. This vaccine is usually given at 0-2 months of age. Then there is also hepatitis B, polio and measles are also to be done because it is required by the government.

2. DPT immunization
DPT immunization 3in1 is enabled to protect the baby from that free diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus. Immunization is usually given to infants aged 2-11 months. DPT is also a compulsory immunization.

3. Immunization DT
Immunizations are given to children who have special needs such as already getting the DPT vaccine. Active immunity provided by the vaccine are immune to the toxin.

4. TT immunization
Immunization is given immunization to prevent tetanus. For full immunity then immunization should be given at least five times for life.

5. MMR immunization
Vaccinations are one is intended to protect children against the dangers of measles, mumps and German measles. Immunization was injected twice and causing effects of fever, cough, watery eyes, and skin rash.

6. Immunization Hib and Meningitis
Second immunization has not been a thing that must be due to cost constraints are indeed expensive. But immunization is important because it can prevent the occurrence of meningitis infection.

7. Immunization Varisella
Immunization is intended to provide protection against the dangers children chickenpox.

8. Immunization Tipa
Immunizations are given to children to provide immunity against typhoid and paratifus react. Immunizations can be administered in two ways ie, injection and oral immunization form of capsules.

9. Immunization Hepatitis A
Immunizations are given in two doses with rentah six to twelve months. Indeed, the disease is not dangerous but requires a long healing because it does not require at least 1 to 2 months.

Immunizations are very important for infants and children up to a certain age. Especially for immunizations that are required for immunization government will give the immune system a better place for children.