Javanese Traditional Marriage Procedures

Indigenous Javanese culture and is one of the customs and culture of Indonesia’s most popular. One factor popularnya customs and culture of Java is that the Javanese are the largest tribe and the majority in Indonesia.

Dispersion effects and the number of people who are dominant Javanese culture and resulted in widespread across any Java in Indonesia. Java is Indonesia’s rich ethnic customs and culture will be a variety of interesting.

One is a wedding tradition that consists of many ritual / traditional ceremonies. If you are one of the Javanese who will soon hold a wedding, it helps you see some traditional Javanese wedding etiquette below.

Procedures traditional Javanese wedding procession which is the first application. Application is of visiting the family of the groom to the bride bride bride’s family where the purpose of this application is the procession as a platform to know each other between the prospective bride and groom by way of talking about things that light.

In a meeting between the family, the two families will also discuss about the time of marriage and the concept of marriage to be held.

Then, in general family bride brides who are more dominant in determining the date / time and the concept of his daughter’s wedding.

There are two kinds of concepts in traditional Javanese wedding: Paes grand (grand wedding / large) and Paes kestatriyan (marriage type kesatriyan / simpler).

If the application of the prospective bride groom bride received by the bride’s family, the two families will soon determine the time of marriage.

The procedure is a traditional Javanese wedding next wedding preparations. Some things have to be prepared at the wedding are: food and beverages will be served at weddings, dances and music (traditional Javanese wedding typically will use gamelan music as its main musical), host, event and witness Qobul consent, remarks, security, transportation, communication, documentation, building rental, party supplies, wedding hall decorations, and so forth.

Rupture Kendi, Crop Planting Rikmo Rimo Lan, whittling, Gendhongan, Dodoo Dhawet, Temu Panggih Ancestor Submission, Submission Kisoh Jago, Swap Manuk Cengkir Ivory Midodareni Ceremony, Peningsetan, Nyantri, Ijab and Panggih ceremony is traditional Javanese wedding etiquette that very sacred and interesting.