Keep your pet Safe This Christmas

Just because some family members of the sport of fur, feathers or even dandruff, and perhaps more legs than we do does not mean they should not be able to join the festivities the Christmas season.

Make it safe for our pets, we need to take a little more care, so that part of the time spent in the emergency room.

When things get hectic, animals can sometimes overlooked needs. It may be a holiday, but it is never on vacation all responsibility for animal care.

Still time to take care of your pets. Do not be lax about walking your dog, cleaning your litter box, or let your rabbit out of the barn. If you worry, there will be times that you can not be them your attention, ask for help from a trusted member of the family, a neighbor or professional pet sitter / dog walker.

With people in and out of the house, get an increased risk of a pet. About each take special care, or keep the door closed when necessary.

If you do not think you can safely monitor the comings and goings, you keep your pets separately in another part of the house – at least until all happened.

Now is a good time to make sure your pets wear identification tags and all contact information is current.

Record your holidays vet the address of a hospital emergency 24 hours, and the number of the Animal Poison Control Center. The last thing you want to do is to search in a panic.

Now that everything has been said, here are some tips to help you keep your pets safe and that everyone should have a safe Christmas

Trees and plants

Anchor your tree so it does not fall on your pets.

Closing it, or pick up the needles of trees regularly. They are sharp and can get stuck in your pet’s paws pet or cause internal damage if swallowed.

Although poinsettias have low toxicity for cats and dogs, it is always better to get them. Out of reach much more dangerous are mistletoe, holly and lilies. To be on the safe side, all the flowers and plants out of reach.

Fertilizer tree water can, bacteria, or even aspirin. A screen around the tree, the best way to keep pets away from the water source be such.

When you are outside, close the door of the room the tree is in.


Animals seem always new things that you tend to put in your house, is not it? Imagine. Against the temptation of trees, plants, decorations, bright colors and flashing lights

Keep ornaments on their scope, as they with hooks and screws, can be eaten.

Watch more unbreakable ornaments.

Beware of tinsel. Gloss is a real attraction and can be eaten, or be wrapped in the neck of the animals.

If your pet is weird twinkling lights, buy those that do not.

Snow globes can contain antifreeze, which is deadly to pets. Be careful where you place it.

Cords are the risk of tangling and some of the animals they see a chew toy. Hide, cover, stick with it.

Some of your decorations toxic? Things like lights blowing spray of fake snow and foam potential risks.

Who does not love candles and logs in the fireplace? Use fireplace screens, and keep candles out of reach. Leave lit candles unattended, even if you think just a second away. It never works like that. Battery operated “fake” candles are an alternative, and some are very nice. While it can be a perfect substitute for the real thing, you do not have one of real concern.


Who is not guilty of dragging their pets a little something to the table? If you do not like it, fine, but if we are talking about you …

When you are sitting around the table, enjoy your evening with family and friends, this is an exciting time for your pets, because there are many more people can pray before your pets are. It also means a greater chance of stomach problems.

Even if you have the habit of feeding table scraps, it is probably preferable to apply a ban on the practice today.

Poultry bone fragments once swallowed, and can cause damage, and the food is too rich for delicate stomachs lead to pancreatitis vomiting, diarrhea and even.

Never give candy or chocolates. Remove all sweets, even sealed boxes of their line of sight. We have all seen our pets achieve amazing feats, when they put their minds to it.

Do not let alcohol hang glasses licking pet.

Keep your garbage in a closet, but if you prefer, for reasons of convenience, exercise for pets.

Gifts and packaging

Of course, you want to include your pet in the holiday region, giving them gifts. Just buy those appropriate for animals.

Make sure if the rest of the family open their gifts. Immediately discard the wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and plastic packaging. They are stolen, before you know it.

Allow children to lie about “not toys. Small pieces can be chewed off and cause choking or blockage.

Remember, never animals as gifts. You want a pet? Do it again this year. Children must learn to respect animals and not see them as things. You need to learn there is a difference between an animal and a sweater.


All persons most at home means a lot of extra noise. Children running around, playing music, open bottles of champagne, crackers and balloons. While some animals do not have a problem and are more than happy to be in the middle of the chaos, some are shy and feel very nervous and stressed.

Make sure they have a quiet place where they can hide. Place a bed, a blanket, water, and toys to make them feel at ease.

If your pet is particularly odd, there are natural remedies and traditional medicines, which may be useful. Talk to your veterinarian for suggestions.


Depending on where you live, of course, can bring some Christmas weather. Christmas or not, does not care for pet season.

Consider limiting the amount of time they are there and they. In a coat or sweater

Salted sidewalks can burn your dog’s paws, so try the boots or protective creams on the market.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and they are just taking a few precautions, you are in a very, very happy holiday season.