Kissing Kissing Can Cause Disease

Unknowingly and imperceptibly, the virus can actually switch between a couple who are kissing. Disease kissing disease can occur without showing any symptoms or just a complaint of fever and the common cold alone.

Kissing disease is sometimes referred to as a disease of mononucleosis, which is caused by a virus Cytomegalo. Cytomegalo virus known with Herpes virus that is latent in the human body. The virus is usually found in the salivary glands, urine, cervical mucus, semen, breast milk, and blood. Transmission of the virus other than through kissing, can also through organ transplantation, blood donors, labor, and also oral sex.

Kissing disease symptoms are actually the same as ordinary flu, which include fever, sore throat, fatigue and body aches. Such infections are usually mild, most people do not even know if he was carrying the virus. However, the disease kissing disease, liver and spleen generally will swell and the flu lasts longer, until about two weeks.

Is kissing disease virus attacks in adults can lead to death? In general, it does not turn off virus attacks. However, lately worrying if the virus is circulating in the blood, it can potentially cause damage to the coronary arteries. Keep in mind, that the presence of certain bacteria and viruses can lead to coronary heart disease and the emergence of the chronic fatigue illness (chronic fatigue syndrome).

In addition to afflict adults, Cytomegalo virus infection can also attack the child still in the womb. If pregnant women carrying the virus, suspected child at birth can suffer brain damage and would be born deformed. Therefore, any pregnant women are encouraged to perform a blood test TORCH (short for 4 types of diseases are Toxoplasma, rubella or measles, Cytomegalo virus itself, and Herpes). All four are indeed diseases often attack women who are pregnant.

If TORCH test results are positive, pregnant women should have first cured of the disease because it can interfere with the child who will be carrying. After the mother recovered from her illness, then the mother can get pregnant safely. If not, it will be possible miscarriage, the child died in the womb, or the child’s birth defects. Unborn child whose mother suffered from these diseases, threatened to cardiac abnormalities, deafness, head size is very large (hydrocephalus), and other forms of birth defects.