Libratone Zipp, Unique Speaker Wrapped in Wool

To complete a gadget, you’ll usually carry around a headphones, earphones, or even a stereo speaker, to be able to listen to music while interacting with a mobile phone or tablet PC. Had many were popping up various types of speakers that have advantages, both in terms of design and sound quality, in order to satisfy your ears.

But if you are getting bored with products that seem common and mainstream, or has been prevalent in almost all the stores that you go to, then you can try to glance to one speaker unique design of this one.

A portable speakers will usually carry the innovation of design and material is quite interesting. But one of Libratone, one manufacturer megaphone, opted out of the path “usually”. Manufacturers of this one product to build speakers using wool as a cover speakers.

Libratone Zipp also offers a new technology, ie PlayDirect WiFi. With this technology, you can directly connect your iPhone or iPad belongs to them without the need to connect to the network first. So you can directly connect to Libratone Zipp uses a Wi-Fi connection.

In short, Zipp Libratone can be Wi-Fi access point and this is the first speakers that can do that. But the consequences, as long as the music plays, you can not use your iPad or iPhone to access data using Wi-Fi.

To produce sound, the speakers are tube-shaped and lined with wool comes with a 4-inch bass drivers and 2 pieces of 1-inch tweeter and able to produce sounds with 360-degree sound minimal distortion.

Besides PlayDirect also available which is a standard feature AirPlay connection from Apple. For other devices such as MP3 player connectivity minimal, Libratone also provide input via cable. These speakers are powered by a rechargeable battery and can be used up to about 8 hours.

Kristian Tjahjono the article also mentions that, Zipp Libratone can also be paired with a Windows-based laptop or Mac. Even Libratone Libratone also provides specialized applications in the AppStore that allows you to set the equalizer so that the resulting sound can be better.

Libratone Zipp is priced starting at USD $ 399 (USD 3.8 million, depending on the color) and available starting in October 2012. These speakers are also present in a wide selection of attractive colors such as red, blue, black, gray, pink, purple and yellow. If you are bored with a certain color, you can buy the cover separately for USD49.

Unfortunately, until now, Libratone Zipp yet available in Jakarta and newly released in Singapore only. But if you are interested, then you can try to visit the official website Libratone.