Little Bloated?

As long as your child enjoying breastfeeding, there is often little mischievous air, sucked and swallowed him go. Air come in. This will be collected at the top of the baby’s stomach and cause stomach bloating. Of course your child uncomfortable and tail-tail so fussy. Fortunately this can be prevented. How: Burp your baby soon so completed.


Put this little towel or handkerchief on your shoulders, so that milk might come out of the mouth of the little guy does not contaminate your clothes.
Hold your baby in an upright position facing backwards and lean her head on your body rests on your shoulders.
Use your hands to hold the butt of the child, while the other hand stroked his back until he burps.
Picked up at the front

Child’s lap in front of your body in a half-sleep, prop neck and buttocks. Keep the head slightly higher than his chest.
Place the small towel or handkerchief in his chest.
Caress her back until she burps.
Stomach in lap

little body on top of your lap.
Prop chest with your hands, so that his head slightly higher than his body.
Until caress his back to burp him.