Longer breastfeeding

Did you know that the longer you breastfeed your baby, the more benefits? Experts say that most mothers are not expected to be able to breastfeed for approximately one year.

The researchers found that the majority of today’s new mothers have chosen to give their baby complete nutrition in the form of milk. But unfortunately stopped breastfeeding earlier than they should. This makes most doctors considered that the adequacy of infant nutrition for optimal unmet health.

For some people, breastfeeding in public is not as easy as imagined or expected. With such a dense environment, and the number of people passing by would make a mother not to breastfeed her baby freely. Others disagree breastfeeding due to lifestyle factors, and many people still think that breastfeeding makes breasts to sag and not beautiful. But opinion is not correct, cause sagging breasts due to breast enlargement factor during pregnancy.

A researcher epidemiologist said, most of the infants received breast milk only in his first few months alone. But when the baby was two or three months, breastfeeding should be discontinued because the mother has returned to work.

Keep in mind, that breast milk is the most nutritious food for babies, because milk contains enzymes and antibodies. Experts have tried to make breast milk but is not able to copy all the nutrients contained in them. The mother also had the benefit of breast-feeding her baby. Babies can be protected from diarrheal diseases and infections (such as ear and respiratory infections). And from a new study shows milk does not cause obesity in later life and away from the risk of diabetes . In addition, the benefits of breastfeeding, established a special bond between mother and baby. This bond is very important for the emotional and intellectual development of infants. Breastfeeding is also associated with a lower risk of developing breast cancer before menopause, and breast-feeding women will return to pre-pregnancy weight faster.