Lottery scam alert

There have been many victims of fraud cases reported with prizes that case the authorities but unfortunately still the case is still going on. So that we avoid the lottery fraud case, let us consider carefully the important information about tips to avoid fraud cases following the lottery.

Do not immediately believe the lure of reward

First tip if we claimed as one of the lottery winners. We should not immediately tempted and believe the prize offered by parties to contact us. We need to check first whether the quiz with prizes is valid or not.

Check the calling party telephone number

If we did we ever take a quiz prize draw and we are named as one of the winners, we should not immediately believe the news. We first check the phone number memghubungi us.

We should be wary and suspicious when it turns out the phone number you are calling a regular mobile phone number as usual numbers offered by these providers.

It would be more valid if the phone number of the contact you are authorized phone number of the company that held a quiz or we often call it a ‘call center’ of the company.

To make sure the message of truth, we can also check directly by contacting the call center Process Management to re-check and correct conformation if we are the winners of the lottery quiz.

Ask the operator as well as whether they had done the lottery at the same time and at the same time mentioned by the officer who contacted us.

Refuse to pay shipping or gift tax through ATM

If you are asked to pay a gift tax or shipping costs thru ATM. Typically, companies do not charge anything charged to the winners of the lottery unless the lottery quiz broadcast on television.

Laporka to Party authorities

If we find irregularities that have been mentioned above, the issue should immediately report the case to the authorities to be immediately addressed.