Management of Sex After Baby Attendance

The presence of children in the middle of your life as husband and wife must bring happiness. But on the other hand, the sex life you both can not be as free as it was when they were alone. And sexual life too often overlooked because of the attention and the time consumed to children. But the relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall, provides some tips for you to get out of this dilemma.

Sex After Birth

Sex after birth is a period of the most difficult. Especially for mothers who tend sucked his time and energy to take care of the baby, such as waking up middle of the night for feeding or changing diapers. Even this time-consuming activity that ultimately affects the desire to have sex with their husbands. In fact, according to a survey, 80% of women who had become mothers has decreased sexual desire in the first month postpartum.

In these times, it is important for you both to continue to provide the touch. Even if you do not feel excited to have sex, you are able to keep in touch. Loving touch of make you both remain cordial, and who knows when that desire comes up, you’re ready. In addition to giving each other affectionate touch, very important for you to communicate to your partner’s feelings and discomfort. This will help the couple to understand and help you through these difficult times.

Sex And Management of Childhood

The passion you have already returned to normal as time goes by and your children were growing up. Infants and children always need attention and your supervision. Automatically you and your partner are often difficult to find a time and place to make out without being disturbed by the presence of children.

What you can do is be smart to take advantage of time. You need to improve the management of sexually with a set bedtime of children and sex lightning (quickie). Make your child’s bedtime at around 20:00 to 20:30 at night, and the rest of your night time can be utilized for both the partners.

Another idea is to ‘leave’ children at their grandmother occasionally on weekends, or allow children to stay overnight at the homes of relatives occasionally. When children are not at home, you can both use it as a second honeymoon.

When Children Youth Stepping

Many couples who recognizes when the kids are teenagers and have begun to understand sex is the most difficult to maintain a sex life continues to run normally than when you were a new couple.

At this time, you must make a management change sex. Paula, do not hesitate to ask the child’s activity schedule for one week. You will know when there is free time for you and your partner for sex.

If in your family sex is something that is not taboo to talk about sex and the lessons you’ve given to a child as a teenager, you can tell the kids that you want to have a special time with their father. Children will understand and give time to the both of you. In this phase, you are required to be more creative and more open to the child.

Management of sex life is a openting that you both still feel as husband and wife at the same time providing a good example to children. Where a management apparently sex is not too can restore your sexual desire, maybe there is a problem that bothers you that do not relate to the discomfort caused by the presence of children. Consult this condition with your doctor immediately.