Natural Hair Straightening Tips

Straight hair is often coveted by women because it is easy to set up and look beautiful. Most women do instant alignment. Straightening hair instantly besides unhealthy fast can cause hair to become brittle and fall out. The hair is straightened using drugs would have the effect of its own to fertility hair. Some of my co-workers often do straightening hair instantly and the results are good, but after two or three months they even damaged hair and flushed.
To straighten your hair use coconut milk as a natural treatment. Since the first milk is believed to naturally straighten your hair and make hair healthier. Mix one cup of milk with half a cup of lemon juice. After that, chill the mixture in the refrigerator so it turned into a thick cream. After becoming the cream, you can apply cream on the hair and let sit for a half hour to an hour. After that, wipe or wash it with clean water and do it 3 times a week.
Also you can straighten hair with celery leaves. Can you mashed celery to pieces and added a little water. After that squeeze and take the extract water. Then put into the bottle and let stand until one night. Apply the soaking water celery on your scalp and let sit 30 minutes and rinse with water until clean. For best results, use this procedure 2 to 3 times a week.
If necessary you can add treatments to straighten hair with a shampoo and conditioner. If you routinely perform this treatment, your hair will be smooth and straight. Natural hair care does take a little longer but if you do it regularly, then the hair will look better than treatment with chemicals. The chemicals it makes the hair look nice when it’s but a few months later these chemicals will damage the hair and eventually it will be severe damage if left unchecked. So should you choose natural ingredients for hair straightening to avoid permanent damage to the hair.