Pet Safety and Christmas

Without a doubt, I love Christmas, always, always. I can not help myself, I’m an addict Christmas. But over the years, I gathered my menagerie of Santas, stockings, ornaments and other Christmas accessories, I always kept in mind the health of my pets. Without preventive measures, mixing dog pets and cat Christmas or get hurt or sick. Following the discovery of something that could harm them to help keep your pets safe during the Christmas holidays, I offered some safety tips for Christmas.

Plants: There are so many Christmas plants that cause damage to your pets the best practice is simply not put them in the house. Lilies, holly, holly berries, poinsettia, amaryllis, mistletoe berries, rosemary and pine needles all have negative effects on cats and dogs, and some can be extremely dangerous, is consumed depends on the height of the plant. For example, if ingested, holly and pine needles can cause serious gastrointestinal problems caused by spiny leaves or needles all. Bulbous plants such as lilies and amaryllis are managed as very toxic to cats, not only leads to gastrointestinal problems, as well as cardiac arrhythmia, renal failure, convulsions and even death. Christmas will not be missing one of their minds, or process does not allow these plants in your home, and you know they rest in peace, your family pet will be completely safe.

Warnings Christmas: If you take some precautions while setting up and decorating your tree, chances are your pet will not see it as a big toy irresistible. Live or cut Christmas trees are a danger to animals, for two reasons. Firstly, if the pine needles can be swallowed intestinal problems, and secondly, the water tree can dangerous if swallowed. Often, chemicals are water tree to keep the tree fresh longer, but they can be deadly for animals. The bottom line is that the live animals and Christmas trees do not mix well. I decided to. Living Christmas tree a long time ago I know it sounds rather dark but artificial trees are definitely a good option. They are payable only once instead of one year and you have no trouble remembering to water your tree every day so they do not dry out and cause a fire. But whatever your choice, here are some ideas to consider when setting up and decorating your tree:

A. Make sure that the support is solid, sturdy and weighted down. Cats climb is what they do. Puppies catch a leg and chew or pull on them. So, you should take steps to ensure the tree will not tip over. I use a tree stand has a wide base with a flat edge. I then put 35-45 lbs weight on the flat edge. I use 5 pounds of weight with our weight set, and put it on the edge of the tree stand. So if, or rather when your cat or dog pulls up the tree will not tip over.

Second I also chose to go to a small tree and put it on a sturdy table. It is about 2-3 meters above the ground and out of the direct line of sight with your pet and therefore less interesting. As a note: I did not weigh on base.

Third I stayed with the braid on my tree like cats or dogs will eat. When ingested, it can cause serious ailments and intestinal problems, maybe something in surgery. Instead, I draped fabric ribbon width on the tree. I think the ribbon is much more attractive, and it does not need to be purchased every year.

4th If you follow the proposal to place the tree of 2-3 feet from the ground, you should be able to place your lights and ornaments on your tree as usual. However, if the tree is placed on the ground and ornaments placed on the lower quarter of the tree is not fragile, attach the ornaments on the tree with a narrow strip of ribbon in place of the metal hooks of ornament. Since the ornaments that hang down from the tree, the animals do not see it as a toy, and will paw at it. If the ornaments fall, you do not want them to break and so on. Possible danger to your pet or your bare feet, of course, dogs will probably chew all the ornaments fell and you want to break something in his mouth.

5th When hanging lights on the tree should not hang below the lower branches son. Animals to see the son as electric hanging toy potential can chew on them. Drawn to the lights light rope to remove chewing possibility of placing a protective chain of light cables exposed. To connect

Table decorations: We like all set up with the beautification of Christmas decorations on the end tables, coffee tables or counters. But since all these new products are your cat is at least curious, and research, it can be reversed. I put a very small amount of putty museum on the bottom of each article. This stuff is great if you have beautiful things and not worry about the cat, it hits, you get a small pot and keep it on hand need. It will not damage any of your furniture surfaces or faces, but can not move.

Finally, try to keep your pet maintain routine as normal as possible, this will keep them calm and good humor. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the Christmas season!