Small children are usually difficult to tell exactly what is being felt. To the parents should be sensitive and careful observing health condition. Well, if your child feels sick or has difficulty during urination, can be no interference with the sex organs.

It is not to be ignored, the article if not dealt with immediately to avoid infection or other sexually obstacles later in life.

Poles covered alias Fomisi

One of the disorders that may occur in the genital organs of your baby are the closed end of the foreskin of the penis. In medical terms this disorder is called phimosis. As a result, urine can not exit normally and the head of the penis can not be cleaned. These conditions lead to infections in the head of the penis (balanitis). If this situation continues, with the mouth of the tip of the penis urethra blocked, then your doctor may recommend that your little hero circumcised. This action is done by opening and cut the skin of the penis so that the open end.

What causes it?

Phimosis in boys newborn occurs because the space between the poles and the penis does not develop properly. This condition causes the foreskin to be attached to the head of the penis, making it hard pulled toward the base. The cause could be from an inborn, or acquired, such as infection or collision.

What are the symptoms?

To identify whether your child is having phimosis, parents should observe the following symptoms:

The foreskin can not be pulled the child toward the base when it will be cleared.
The little straining during urination due to urinary tract tip of the mouth is closed. Usually he cried and at the tip of his penis looks swollen.
Urine is not smooth, sometimes dripping and gushing with unpredictable direction.
If it arises infection, then the child will cry every urination and can also be accompanied by fever.
If the above symptoms are found on your child, you should take her to the doctor. Do not attempt to open the foreskin forcibly pulled into the base of the penis. This action is dangerous, because the foreskin is pulled to the base of the penis shaft and the clamp can cause pain and  great. This in medical terms is called the Phimosis.

If your child having difficulty urinating, your doctor will try to widen the skin attached, but this must be done very carefully by an experienced clinician. If this attempt fails, then the act of circumcision (circumcision) is a way out, especially if fimosis settled or infection.

To perform circumcision in children should also be considered a problem because if your child scared and felt sick then this will affect future mental state later today. In addition, if your child struggling because of fear or pain, then this action will actually harm circumcision, because it could hurt his penis and penis skin sutures can not be done perfectly.