Physical Healthy Spiritual Walk

In the morning or evening, sometimes we see people who are advanced enough to walk around the park on a regular basis or a residential neighborhood. We usually think, they routinely do that just regular routines or simply to seek a new atmosphere. But it proved, to have great benefits. Because it will reduce the risk of dementia (dementia) and improve mental function.

According to a study in the Journal of the cast of the American Medical Association. The study consisted of two large studies. The first study conducted on 2,000 men aged between 71-93 years who took part in the study in the Honolulu-Asia aging. They all asked about walking they do every day and then examined about his dementia.

Those who walk less than a quarter of a mile per day, nearly two times more likely to suffer dementia than those who walked more than two miles each day.

Here Dementia associated with changes in brain function such as impaired memory and behavioral changes.

The second study, conducted on 18,000 women, aged 70-81 years. They all studied the ability of verbal memory, attention and other cognitive functions, as well as physical activity they are doing.

As a result, women who had the highest activity with walking for 6 hours or more in a week, reduce the risk of cognitive impairment by 20% compared with women with the lowest activity, which runs less than two hours a week.

Physical activity will impact directly on the brain, which stimulates cell growth factor formation. This cell growth factors will increase the growth of brain cells and the brain cell survival. Among other benefits, it will make the heart healthier.