Playing With Hands & Feet

You must agree, the first year of baby’s life is the most crucial period in all aspects of growth and development. That’s why, today’s parents are expected to make efforts to optimize the growth and development of the baby, including stimulating the motor feet and hands.

Efforts to stimulate the baby’s motor is not easy, especially for new parents. Not a few of them who was horrified when she found out, well done swimming with your baby as early as possible, for example, could be, they affected the old paradigm, that baby is a little creature that weak. So, let’s overcome that fear. Do not miss this golden opportunity to practice motor skills and hand-foot baby through

Air bike

age infants: from birth. Yes, the baby is still very young were usually happy to do so. Useful addition to leg muscles, this activity is also a powerful way to overcome constipation in infants.

Ball rolled along

Infant age: 3 months upwards.
Trained: baby balance, upper body strength (such as the neck and arms), and hand-foot coordination.

Krincing …. Krincing ……

age infants: from birth.
Trained: all the muscles that support and motion (hands and feet).

Baby sit up

Infant age: 3 to 4 months upwards.
Trained: all the muscles and joints, especially the upper body (neck, shoulder, hand).

Mother leg swing

Infant age: 3 to 4 months upwards.
Trained: the ability to maintain balance and strengthen all the muscles and locomotor force (hands and feet).

Crawling and creeping

Age infants: from birth.
Trained: the whole muscle and locomotor.

Fly my son

Infant age: 5 to 6 months upwards.
Trained: all the muscles, especially the locomotor and balance.

Alert & Confidence

This activity is intended for a variety of healthy babies and do not have certain health problems or disorders. In addition to considering the readiness and condition of the child, you also must be sure and confident. Moreover, this activity is generally safe to do with the baby at the age of 3 months. Although there are some games in this recommendation could be done by a newborn. Of course, you should really get to know your child, so that you know to be the most appropriate way to implement the various beneficial activities.

Generally, the feet and hands of children aged 5 months has been strong enough to move, by way of creeping, creeping or crawling. The neck was strong enough to head firmly. The point is, you do not have to cringe explore the motor movement. In addition to having fun, this is one of the effective ways to evaluate growth and development of infants.