Potato Syndrome

Impact of television viewing not only in behavior, but the TV was addicted affect health. According to a study by researchers at Harvard University, USA for six years on more than 50 thousand women, the TV turns bad effects to health. Watch television 10 hours a week increases the risk of diabetes and obesity especially for children. Because while watching, usually followed by a snack eating behavior. Furthermore, watching TV over the study raises the potato syndrome.

As the name signifies syndrome eating foods that contain salt and flavorings such as potato chips, or a high-calorie junk food.

Even this factor recognized health problems, Dr, Hamzah, Sp.AK, the school children, the effect is related to difficulty concentrating when children learn. This is what leads to decreased learning and achievement. Too much TV. Further Hamzah, closely related to depression, anxiety and obesity alias obesity. This can happen because the films on television more highlight in terms of violence affecting children’s mental health.

According to Dr, Frank Hu, one of the researchers, watch TV more than four hours a day will increase the risk of obesity and risk of diabetes 50% to 30%, â €?? When there was no television show more than 10 hours a week, plus a half-hour walk , 30% of new cases of obesity and 43% of new cases of diabetes can be prevented, â €?? Hu said.

Dr, hamzah indicated, excessive watching TV trigger abnormalities of the spine, due to wrong sitting posture, and eye conditions are tired, tense or sore because watching television for too long. When the eye muscles are forced to work hard, especially when I had to see close objects for long periods often experience eye fatigue or quietness.

This condition can affect the outlook could be same as dependent ability to focus, to mild headache to serious. Keep in mind look at an object at the same distance continuously can cause eye fatigue muscles. Another factor is the unfavorable lighting, allergy problems, dry eyes, and eye muscle imbalance arrangement will result in the eyes have to work harder to catch the object.

So as Dr.. Hu, only up a little awareness, much less watching TV, balanced with exercise, negative impact on the behavior and health can be reduced