Quick Marriage Reduce Menstrual Pain Risk

Prostaglandin is a hormone that causes uterine muscles to contract. Uterine muscle contractions due to increased prostaglandin stimulates pain in the coming months and is currently trigger menstrual pain in women. Menstrual pain can also be influenced by hormonal factors, psychological, and excessive anxiety. Even so, if you belong to the group of women who are married but still suffer from pain for more than three days during the menstrual period, it is better if you consult a doctor to make sure there are no abnormalities or other underlying causes.

Menstrual pain is a symptom and not a disease. Menstrual pain can be divided into two types, namely primary menstrual pain and menstrual pain secondary. In Indonesia, the incidence of menstrual pain consists of menstrual pain 54.89% 9.36% primary and secondary menstrual pain. The symptoms usually occur in women of childbearing age, 3-5 years after a first period, and in women who have never been pregnant. Excessive stimulation of pain usually occurs in those who work in factories and military sectors.

Primary Menstrual pain is caused by an imbalance of hormones, while the secondary menstrual pain is characterized by abnormalities in the pelvic organs and have a medical examination. Secondary causes of menstrual pain, among others, is a chronic inflammation of the fallopian tubes (salphyngitis Chronica), the possibility of suffering from endometriosis, uterine, or cervical blockage (stenosis cervicis uteri). To determine the exact cause of secondary menstrual pain, needed medical tracking. In addition to prenatal, also need to do an ultrasound, bacteria culture, or laparoscopy, which is telescoped by direct inspection abdomen womb space.

Women who suffer from endometriosis, the lining of the uterus grows elsewhere in the body or outside the wall of the uterus (endometrium), the main complaint is pain each time period. On uterine myoma tumors, in addition to feel heavy and enlarged in the lower abdomen, pain accompanied with excessive menstruation. Meanwhile, if the cause of menstrual pain because there is narrowing of the cervix, the doctor can check in the practice room.

Women who experience menstrual pain symptoms is actually highly dependent on the presence or absence of abnormality. However, medically can be done with hormonal treatment, ie by estrogen or progesterone. While natural therapies may be done by giving vitamins or natural supplements, such as phytoestrogens that are found mainly in soybeans, tofu, tempeh, and soy milk. In addition, every woman should also run a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a balanced diet with nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, stress management, and health screenings.