Review Sony Alpha A37

Sony continues to bring new innovations to line their own cameras. From the line DSLT, Cyber-Shot compact cameras to Sony NEX-series CSC equipped with a number of advanced features that make it appear cutting edge. For this time, our editorial office of the Sony Alpha A37 arrival, the youngest family member of the Sony Alpha line DSLT present to replace the Sony Alpha A35. Want to know what new features are present complement this camera? following his review ..

Concept and design
In terms of form, the Sony Alpha 37 is still bequeath Sony Alpha A35 packaging design. Just grip handle design of the Sony Alpha A37 is now more ergonomic feel, similar to the design of the handle grip Sony Alpha Series A65 and Sony Alpha A77. This is very good considering the light body and design a more ergonomic grip handle makes this camera very comfortable grip.

A clear difference was seen between the Sony Alpha A37 with the Sony Alpha A35 is located on the screen sector. To help you explore the camera angles, the Sony Alpha A37 has now re-use Articulated LCD screen measuring 2.6-inches that can be adjusted up and down. For navigation, the size of a rather large and comfortable use, is maintained.

And for the sector connectivity, Sony complete with HDMI connection, USB, mic and remote port located on the left side body. Besides, there were also a button to select manual or automatic focus which is located at the bottom left side of the lens.

Sony Alpha A37 still has a series of features that help the novice photographer. In this camera, you can produce images with a variety of interesting effects like posterization, color pop, retro, partial color, high contrast monochrome, toy camera, soft high-key, soft focus, HDR painting, and miniature. For scene modes, there are 8 choices atmosphere as Portrait, Sports Action, Macro, Landscape, Sunset, Night view, Hand-held Twilight (6 shots layering), and Night Portrait. Sweep Panorama feature is still there and still easy to use. You can capture images by simply dragging extra wide camera, without the need of additional software on the PC or on camera.

There are two new features that you will not find in any other brand DSLR camera that features Clear Image Zoom and Auto Framing Portrait. With Portrait Auto Framing, you can automatically generate photo portrait oriented (extends over) even if you take a photo in landscape orientation or dilated and the camera will store it directly in 2 different file photo. The process is not intrusive and the results are quite good.

As for the Clear Image Zoom, you can perform additional zoom lens attached to any camera. The results of the feature is an evolution of the digital zoom is also pretty good. Photos still can be generated quite well and in detail though it looks a little less sharp.

Equipped with a 16.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and the Translucent Mirror Technology, Sony Alpha A37, offering speeds Continuos shoot up to 7 frames per second at full resolution. Its performance is also supported with a complete selection of ISO from ISO 100 to ISO 16,000.

Use low ISO up to ISO 6400 is very reliable cameras with sharper results, accurate colors and minimal noise interference. And the decline in the quality of picture is starting to look at ISO 12800 to ISO 16000 by the decrease in sharpness and noise appearance. Reliability be conditioned low light is also coupled with the support of Multi Frame Noise Reduction makes the camera will automatically take a few photos and put them together into one Continuos the images with minimal noise levels.

Still the same as the Sony Alpha A35, Sony Alpha A37 comes with a 15 point autofocus system. Besides still comes with phase-detection autofocus system is very helpful when recording video and shooting in Live View mode. Focus system is supported with subject tracking AF feature which is very useful for shooting sports activities. With Subject Tracking AF, the camera will lock focus on the subject and follow the subject while moving.

At the Sony Alpha A37, Sony also present it with a new metering system that brings the system 1200-zone system, better than the Sony Alpha A35 which carries only 49-zone system. Metering option comes in 3 different modes, namely, Multi-Segment, Center-Weighted and Spot. when used to take pictures, and spot metering modes multisegment reliable enough to use for shooting conditions with constant lighting. Unfortunately, this camera metering capabilities seem a little slow on Center-Weighted mode when the lighting conditions change and lots of color.

In the purchase package, the Sony Alpha A37 comes equipped with a standard lens Sony 18-55mm is suitable for any shooting condition. The images are sharp, detailed with highly accurate color contrast can be easily produced by this camera without doing a lot of settings.

Sony once again proves that his entry class DSLT camera is still worth having by offering innovative features that are not owned by any DSLR cameras such as the Auto Potrait Framing and clear image zoom.

Articulated LCD that makes it easy to explore with the camera angles, a more ergonomic grip design and the images are sharp and reliability in low-light conditions is clearly a value-added of the camera DSLT class entry. With a price tag that will not be much different from the price of the Sony Alpha A35, Sony Alpha A37 is a great choice for beginners photography.

Body + grip handles are lightweight and comfortable grip
+ Articulated LCD
+ The sharp photos
+ Reliable in low-light conditions
+ Features Auto Potrait Framing and Clear Image Zoom is helpful for taking pictures

– Metering little slow on Center-Weighted mode on the lighting conditions of uncertainty