Starburst Effect Photo Tips: Make Lamp Looks Like a Star

Make the evening light source seemed to glow like a star making our night photos look more cool. This effect is usually called a starburst effect. To create a starburst, the fundamental thing we must understand is to make the aperture as small as possible, which means that we should use a large aperture numbers (f/11 up to f/22) and should utilize a lens that has a shorter focal length.
Why should that be? well, the explanation will be long. In short is the physics of light will experience diffraction (spread) as it passes through a narrow opening (narrow hmm …). The nature of the propagation of light is what makes the light source (lamp, moon, sun) will look luminous and has a tongue, tongue amount will depend on the number of blades (blade) aperture in your lens, see spec lenses you have, there will be written “aperture blade “. While the answer to why you should choose a large f number and shorter focal length

If it is still not clear, please see the following picture:


The image above shows, the smaller the aperture (the larger the f number), the tongue will get maximum light. Meanwhile, in a small f number, the visible light source with no burst at all.
Photo Tips Night Starburst:

Use a Tripod – Taking the evening with a large f number, for example photo above to f/18, shutter speed will create a very long time, over 25 seconds bfoto why. So make sure you use a tripod so the image is not like painting graffiti.
Note the camera settings – For the types of images like this, use a large f number: f/11 or greater. Set the ISO at a lower rate, under 400, because we will be shooting a long exposure. You can use the manual mode or aperture priority, which clearly note the number the camera metering. For shooting night as there was a trend over exposure will result (too bright), so use exposure compensation figure varies depending on the environment, try to use as under 1 stop early and adjust afterwards.
Setting Focus – With a large aperture number, we will not focus too dizzy to think, but if you want to safely take the focus point manually, or set at infinity.
Make the highlight alert camera – you know? you know it’s bling-bling warnings that appear on the LCD when we are shooting bright subjects.
Start Capturing – and do not be lazy to repeat and change the settings if the results are not as you wish.