Taking Pride in My Work

I take my profession very seriously. As an aesthetic doctor, my job is to help people feel good by making them look good. My patients come to me in need and I help them with my services. I take great pride in making sure that my clients are happy and they get their money worth. I always intend for patients to be totally satisfied with the results. My quality service has made very very popular. Most people think I am a celebrity, but I try to remain humble. people think I am the best aesthetic doctors in Singapore.

Being a doctor has been something that I wanted to do. My father and grandfather both were doctors. They wanted me to continue the family practice and follow in their footsteps. I never thought about doing anything else in life. I knew they were expecting me to do great things in life. I knew I could not let them down.

I studied hard in school to achieve my goals. I made sure I made the best grades possible. I also worked to get high test scores. I wanted to get into the best medical school that I could. When I was in medical school, I worked twice as hard to get what I wanted. I was very motivated. I finally graduated at the top of my class. I was so proud. I was ready to help people.

Two weeks ago, I had a client named Lisa that desperately needed my help. She had some small wrinkles on her face that she wanted to remove. She had a very important photo shoot coming up and she wanted to look her best. Lisa was a famous model and was very self-conscious about her looks at all times. I gave her a great chemical peel to remove the wrinkles. She was so happy with the outcome of the process.