The rapid development of information technology and the proliferation of information technology does not necessarily make teachers technology literacy. Not a few of them are still clueless about computers or technology illiterate. They are still clueless about computers bearing the title of teacher.

The presence of information technology, the spread of the computer (laptop) and the internet can not change the mindset and cap as a teacher clueless about computers. Moreover, the be best utilized to support the improvement of learning is doing. For stuttering technology, computer (laptop) equipped with Internet network is a rectangular object that can only be used for writing.

Yes writing, computer (laptop) is like a typewriter. Utilization nothing more than writing about. Computer (laptop) which is a sophisticated and smart objects and can be used for various purposes, in the hands of teachers into things which are not much use.

Being a technology-literate teachers is a necessity. This is related to the teacher’s role as future teachers and students to the skills and mastery of technology has become more advanced. These conditions would require teachers to master the technology in order to perform and perfect in front of the students. Of course, the technology needs to be controlled by the teacher is the technology associated with the world of education. The point is how to utilize technology to improve the quality of the learning process.

There are several reasons that make some teachers are clueless about computers and teacher technology literacy. The causes are as follows:

Feeling old and about to retire. Teachers with this condition usually considered no longer to learn technology
Principal office is sometimes a reason for the reluctance to learn the technology. The reason is that they could give orders to the Administrative staff to make what it needs
Reluctance to be better. Learning is not actually a monopoly of the students. Learning is the duty of everyone. Learning to make it better is not limited by age. Anyone, including teachers, should always strive to be better.
Mindset. Being a teacher caused by this most difficult mindset to change.
Finally, let us become technology-literate teachers, teachers who continue to try to master the technology for improving the quality of learning. And, let’s leave the title and cap as a teacher clueless about computers.