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What to Remember When You Are Interacting with a Person Behind Bars

There are millions of women and men who are in prisons all over the world for crimes that they committed. Some of the common mistakes they did include stealing, murder, and other mistakes. Everyone has a family, history, friends, and enemies although they might be in a prison. Prisoners are human and they will need anything that a normal person has. There are certain things that you are required to know when you are writing to someone who is in prison. The crucial data provided here will assist you to think of those things that will help in the communication.

As part of the communication process, you will not use email because prisoners are not allowed to use computers nor do they have access to them. When you write a letter; it needs to be sent physically through the use of regular mail. The friends and families of the inmates usually provide their mail listings so that letters can always reach the receiver when they have been sent. Inmates may ask for money from you and in some instances, that money may be used for buying certain necessities. Some of these necessities include pencils, stamps, candy, and underwear. When you are sending money to an inmate, ensure that you do not drain your account as a way of pleasing them. The reason why you should not use your savings is because they might not be truthful with the information that they provide.

Therefore, before you send any money to them you need to think about it. When an inmate states that they love you, you should not be quick to accept that it is the truth and this happens with normal relationships too. Another piece of information that you should not reveal to your inmate pen pal is your social security number. Avoid getting into unnecessary stuff when you are sending the first letter to your inmate pen pal. While sending the letter, make sure that you communicate who you are and what your likes are.

As you provide a brief description of yourself, be sure to provide information such as your height, age, weight, eye color, hair color, glasses, race and many more. For the first letter, a majority of people normally like to include their photo so that they are recognized easily and that you can decide for yourself.

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