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A Guide to Help When Custom making T-shirts for a Company

Company image is an important element that should be maintained at all times. The image is displayed in different manners like the employees dress code, the way they behave, etc. There are businesses that prefer to custom make their unique clothes for their staff; clothes that represent the image of the company. When it comes to dress code, the company can decide to have a formal dress code to be worn during office hours and on weekdays, and a casual wear like T-shirts to be worn on weekends or during fieldwork days. The t-shirts can also be used as a marketing tool when the company is running a promotion. In Charleston SC, companies such as Palmetto Blended has mastered the art of T-shirt printing.

When designing a custom-made t-shirt for the company, here are tips to follow.

Consider the use of the T-shirt. Custom made t-shirts can be in several designs, and each design has its own use.

Another point to pay attention to is the material of the t-shirt. The kind of printing intended for the t-shirt is also an important factor to consider. For example, there are fabrics which are ideal for screen printing, while others are ideal for embroidery. For instance, embroidering a logo or any wording on a t-shirt made of light fabric will not give the best results. Also consider the weather conditions of the location of the business or where the t-shirts will be worn most. A t-shirt made with a heavy fabric cannot be used in coastal or hot areas. Light weight fabrics such as the ones from Palmetto Blended in Charleston are the best for use in coastal areas.

Factor in the color of the t-shirt. In deciding which color to use, think about the colors of the company. Try to match the color of the t-shirts with the business colors so as to have some uniformity. Another guide in choosing the colors is the purpose of the garment, if there is a particular reason why the t-shirts are required where the theme colors can be printed on the t-shirt. Other determining factors when it comes to colors is the color of the logo. Try not to have the same t-shirt co lour as the same color with the logo. For instance, when the t-shirt colon is green, printing a logo of the same green color will make the logo invisible. The wording son the t-shirt and the font to used will also guide in choosing the color of the t-shirt. To have a clear visible message on the t-shirt, choose a different color font for the wordings and the t-shirt.

Lastly, work with the people who will use the t-shirts, an in this case the employees of the company so as to have their views on what they would like to have.

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