Tips Eliminate Odor feet

The smell of foot odor is a problem in the body that can not be underestimated because it affects a person’s appearance and cleanliness. Sometimes we feel like people are pretty clean, but when I got home from work, school, college or other events, while removing shoes, appeared odor from shoes and feet. At a certain moment the smell comes when we take off our shoes or colleague behind his desk. In one day, our feet sweat too much to produce. Actually, it’s sweat has no odor because it is a mixture of water and salt.
Smelly feet or on the body caused by bacteria on the skin that takes sweat and remove dirt that has air or a strong odor. The presence of bacteria on the skin is also normal, but the sweat attract bacteria and provide plenty of food for bacteria. To eliminate foot odor that stung there are several ways that you can try. Before wearing shoes should you wash your feet when going to use the shoes to remove excess dirt on the foot. After wearing the shoes, wash your feet with soap and dry thoroughly.
You also can boil some betel leaves which give a little salt and then wash it in warm water and wash your feet up to your ankles evenly for 15 minutes. You can soak the feet in water in warm betel is so smelly feet soon disappeared. Perform this treatment one to two times a week. Smelly feet are stinging must be addressed so as not to interfere with your performance.
If you often wear shoes, consider the shoes and socks that you use frequently. You should wear socks once to the same socks as well as the use of shoes. If your socks or shoes are wet, do not use because it will cause a bad odor. Smelly feet are not being eliminated the longer it will get worse because of the germs that cause odor.