Tips If reception in Confined Area

The wedding reception is usually held by a couple who already held the ceremony finished. The reception can be held at the bride’s home or building. Many guests were complaining about the reception a little so that it seems to jostle with the other guests. As the host and the bride and groom, you should be able to honor guests.

Provide a comfortable place for guests is the main thing. If the reception is at a narrow site, you still have to work around this by managing it well. Below are some things that can help you when you place a small reception held:

• wedding decor is simple. Choose a simple wedding decor and reasonable sized. You should not choose wedding is too long so cramped up room and add to the reception location. If the reception is in a narrow location, decoration with a simple chair and not too big can make the room seem large.

• For Some Parts. If the reception is at a narrow location, you should divide it into several parts.

Do not unify wedding, dining, and entertainment in one place. It will make the place more narrow and irregular.

You can divide it into three parts. The first part are entered and shook hands, and then moved to another room to enjoy a meal, and enjoy the entertainment.

Although the room was impressed wedding itself, but to optimize the small space, this could be an appropriate alternative.

• Give directions. Make sure the room is narrow given the information to make it easier to find what they want and get out of the reception. If the reception is at a narrow location, all things must be taken into account. You should also think about the invited guests and access to air out into the room.

Structuring a good reception with the help of a professional can be very helpful for you. Although the room or location is quite narrow, but if we can organize it well, then all will go smoothly.

They will know how to make guests feel comfortable when diruangan and enjoy your happy day.