Tips on caring for your pet Conure

Conures are very social by nature and love to interact with their owners, one of the reasons why they are so popular is that pet birds. However, because they are always looking for human interaction, they can be very demanding of your time and attention. Hand raised conures make wonderful pets, especially because they are printed on humans, and honestly believe they are human. Some species, such as sun conures can be very vocal in their efforts to attract your attention, and this is something that should be as before the assumption of a bird, the utmost care and attention is required. If you are unable to much of your time companion, you are rewarded with great joy to commit, then consider getting a less demanding pet such as a conure neglected causes stress to the bird and the owner.

Food is best for your conure with a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to provide to keep it in a healthy state. Commercial seed mixes and pellets should be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh apple and corn seedlings will all be eaten by your pet conure. Pigeon Commercial mixture of corn, a variety of peas and sunflower seeds can be cooked and fed to your conure as a healthy part of their daily diet. Avoid feeding your conure dairy that can cause sour crop. Chocolate, alcohol and onions are also a no-no and the lawyer is highly toxic to the parrot and can kill your bird immediately, so never let your bird to eat avo.

General Health

Keep the cage conure protected from drafts and direct sunlight. See his cage in a central location in the house so it is part of everyday household activities. Of tobacco smoke aerosol and household cleaners can all affect the health of your bird, so try to avoid that if possible your bird. Your bird needs a lot of sleep, so if you’re a night owl that your bird is covered in the cage, and in a quiet dark night, so that peace is disturbed. If your conure will spend a lot of time out of its cage, its wings should be cut so that it can not fly off into the sunset. It’s for his own good as he. Fly to a window and injure or even kill you or steal where its chances of survival are limited If your bird should be housed in an aviary, and wing trimming is not recommended that free flight is required.

The choice of a cage

Conures Although small, they need a cage big enough because they are active birds and need to avoid a lot of stimulating toys they drilled. A small cage quickly become confused and restrict their movement. There are some wonderful cages on the market, the tops open play up or play-gym-combinations allows your bird to move freely in and out of the cage to offer. Choose a cage stable to withstand the wrath of thy beak conure. To avoid when choosing a plastic cage painted or coated metal baskets conure as chewing the bars, and this recording, which can compromise their health. Choose a cage with bar spacing adapted to the size of your bird. Conures require smaller cages with a narrow gap between the rods to prevent them from escaping. Finally, look for a cage that is easy to clean.

Conures are extremely playful, intelligent and active, offer a wide range of toys to stimulate them. These include chew toys such as rawhide and wooden toys, which can climb, such as ropes, chains and wooden ladders, toys, make a sound like bells and walkers and swings, and pleasure and the joy of giving a good exercise.


Conures are extremely playful and fun-loving. You have a mischievous look about them and can real clowns. They are intelligent and learn tricks very quickly. Often piggyback ride in the palm. Conures also tend to have a real love of the water, keep handy a spray bottle in hot weather, and a fountain for them to inject Even with their owners are in the shower, but just be careful not to the set too, and make sure they dry in a warm draft-free area.

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