Too often held, Children Less Self

Do not get too spoiled children, later he became less self! This advice is given to those who are too often hold the baby. Yes so? Are independence can be learned from a baby?

Need physical contact

The first three months of his life, a baby is a person who is highly dependent parents. See, because babies can not talk, she cried and cried when asked to eat was hungry, wet diaper, or need a touch when feeling uncomfortable. Mom and dad are flagship! No wonder kids are eager to close with his parents.

The study on 103 infants in Freiburg, Germany for several months showed babies whose mothers react slowly or not react at all to the needs of their children, making the baby cry and a half hours longer than babies whose mothers react quickly. Unique!

Various research increasingly see the importance of the mother-child closeness. Proximity to encourage children to grow properly. If you are the type of mom that when her son cried, immediately picked her up and pet her to calm down, you actually have done a good job.

According to researchers developments in Germany, you just meet the basic needs of infants who need physical contact. Actions of parents hold the baby while it healed from hunger, cold and detached from her traumatic experience. Do not think the split, you make it more independent. He instead stressed!

In these conditions, only a few endorphins produced by the baby’s brain. In fact, the hormone that encourages the emergence of a sense of happiness. Interestingly once you hold the baby, directly increases endorphins.

Wait for the right moment

If you think it should always deftly lifting your baby so he was crying so you do not have time to do anything else, you are not entirely correct. All in good time!

After the baby entered the age of 4 and 5 months, he was more aware of what is happening around him. Capability communicate better. See, his eyes light up when you see his bed.

Crying is also more recognizable. You can also differentiate into tears when he was hungry or bored. You and your children long to know both know each other’s needs. This is according to Prof. Manfred Cierpka, Director of the Research Institute for Cooperation and Family Therapy Heidelberg, Germany, the right time to start teaching independence.

The trick? When babies communicate by crying or screaming from the bed, you can begin to learn to not spoil. If the baby is not crying because he was hungry or not the time to change diapers in the middle of the night, but do not jump immediately toward arms.

Get her to talk with soothing words. Ask what happened, stroked gently, and wait a few moments. Maybe he fell asleep peacefully again. If not, hold her and calm in the crib.