Trans Fats

If you really believe in advertising that says that fat (including cooking oils) fat-free cholesterol is good, you should be careful.

Advertisers because it does not lie in saturated fat and high cholesterol is not necessarily a good fat if we consume too much, but there might be explained by their forgotten. In the world of fatty liver, in addition to saturated and unsaturated fats, we are also familiar with another term that is trans fat.

As I realized that it was less healthy saturated fat, people started trying to take better advantage of unsaturated fats. Then unsaturated fats derived from plants (which certainly does not contain cholesterol) is converted from liquid to solid form. Logically, the resulting fat would be healthier because it is derived from plant fat-free cholesterol.

One way or the change process known as hydrogenation. Therefore, the results of its product called hydrogenated vegetable oils (hydrogenated vegetable oil) or better known as hydrogenated fats (hydrogenated fat). And this is the kind of fat that is widely used in the baking process, patry, margarine and other processed foods.

During the process of hydrogenation, trans fats formed. So, the end result of production (that we will buy) would also contain trans fats. In fact, lately known that trans fat did not have any good effect even have a bad effect on health. Some researchers even say that trans fats have effects that are far worse than saturated fat.

Trans fats increases the risk of coronary heart disease because it would lead to increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. That is just one of ugliness.

Therefore, examine before buying a product. Do not just stuck with the term cholesterol-free. Make sure that the products you buy do not contain large amounts of trans fats.