Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a rich history but turbulent thousands of years. Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, although it still retains one of the lowest incomes in the European Union. The country has a wonderful geography with vast plains and mountain regions, all controlled by a temperate climate.
In terms of tourism, Bulgaria is an emerging destination for European tourists mainly visit the Lonely Planet guide to use as high as fifth in its first ten destinations.
The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, a city of about 1.2 million people. Sofia is an amazing city with some of the best nightlife in the Balkans, coupled with areas of historic architecture impressive. Sofia was once ruled by Alexander the Great, after the leaders of Thrace around 334 BC defeated, even if it was a few hundred years later conquered by the Romans, then a municipality is a middle of a region administrative. Today Sofia is known for its wide range of cultural buildings, including many art museums and themed designs known.
Varna is the largest city on the Black Sea, and is famous for the diversity of maritime activities on offer with 12 miles of sandy beaches on the coast of the Black Sea, coupled heated by underground springs, so that the water temperature up to 35 to 55 degrees Celsius. The waterfront is lined with many bars and clubs with different styles of music for all tastes of people.
Behind in terms of population, Varna Burgas is (sometimes given Bourgas). Between the lakes of Bourgas hotel beachfront popular has something for everyone. With fascinating historical architecture and modern trendy bars and clubs While tourism in the city is not as developed as other destinations Borgas a. Much in terms of restaurants, museums, art galleries and nightlife
Although it is not a city, the most popular Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria. Golden Sands is 17km from Varna, although it has become popular because of (among other things). With the purest sand on the Black Sea coast
Golden Sands What makes it so special is that it is. A seaside resort, to converse with one goal in mind, and is designed to accommodate tourists